Coffee Village Retreat

Rain Land (Malnad in Kannada) is the region's name and you know why. And through summer, winter and monsoon, the climate is sublime and fit for royalty. The weather has also blessed the land with one of the most rejuvenating beverages of all times - Coffee! The locale is green and reverberant with green forests, greener vales, sparkling brooks, frolicking water falls and infectious liveliness!

Coffee Village Retreat, all of 300 acres of coffee plantation, beckoning woods, shimmering views of the Western Ghats, crystal clear water bodies … nestles naturally in the environs. Add man-made comforts, a choice of two residences - one a 150 year old colonial heritage bungalow and another, a modern marvel of a building that provides holiday makers a HOME-STAY comfort that can spoil you for times to come. know more...

Coffee Village Retreat - A home stay in the lap of the mountains!
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